A Confident vs. Arrogant Candidate

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In a social media world full of personal brands and bravado, it helps to have a nose for the truth of things. Great interviewers have a knack for ferreting out the fluff and spotting the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence is natural, often quiet, and never forced. Confident candidates often display this characteristic in an interview through their use of pauses. They consider questions, respond with unrehearsed answers, and admit when they don’t know something.

Arrogant applicants on the other hand tend to be brash, know-it-alls who employ the fake it till they make it approach. They talk in generalizations, misdirect when they don’t know something, and tend to overuse “I” language in interviews, claiming credit for things that are clearly beyond their role’s remit.

Novice recruiters and hiring managers may be fooled by these tactics, but experienced professionals will challenge boastful candidates with detailed follow-up questions, often spotting the holes in their career plotlines.

To avoid being called to the carpet, always be honest in your self-representation. While it’s true that a healthy dose of confidence can serve you well on an interview, be careful not to cross the line. Arrogance is one accessory that looks good on no one.

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