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Many undergraduates struggle to select a major. Should they follow a passion, optimize earning potential, or choose an in-demand career with the best chances of long-term stability?  

The challenge is even more specific for others, especially those on the cusp of graduation. These students often ask which single course will yield the greatest return on investment in the short term.

The answer depends, of course, on which return you seek. Consider these popular choices to make the most of your final course selections. 

  • The best course to get a job is public speaking. It will teach you how to confidently inform, persuade, and connect with people in large groups and one-on-one.
  • The best course to keep a job is creative writing. It will give you the discipline and communication skills required to reach people through a variety of unspoken mediums, from email and PowerPoint to business cases and social media. 
  • The best course overall is a course of action. Keep learning throughout your career. Many people reach a goal and forget to set the next one. As long as you keep growing, you’ll stay marketable.

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