So Who is Tim Toterhi (Toe-Ter-Rye) Anyway?

I’m just a blue-jeans kind of guy who likes rainy nights, top-down days, and sipping good wine with great people. I try to make things better than I found them and live by the motto:

Learn, Teach, Rinse, Repeat.

By Day

I build cultures, improve performance, and help people navigate their careers. A bio, testimonials, and media highlights can be found here.

At Night

I write philosophical fiction and snarky humor. I also hang with my awesome wife, Melissa and daughter, Vienna. My fiction has been called Philosophical adventure and my books are filled with real characters…slightly bent.



How do you find time to write?

I’m one of those annoying morning people – up at 5, at the gym shortly thereafter, at work by 7 or so. I follow a similar pattern on weekends. When you focus on writing from 6am till noon most weekends you can get a lot accomplished and still have a life. Plus, my wife is super cool and keeps me balanced so I don’t overdo things.

What book most influenced your life?

My 6th grade English teacher read us Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. It blew my mind. I wanted to be that bird so badly that I later took flying lessons. However, I quickly realized that someone, who has more points on his driver’s license than he had on the SAT, should probably avoid hurling himself through the air in a winged Miata. You can only be bad at landing once.

What film most influenced your life?

When I saw the last scene of Stand By Me, the one where the story folds back on the narrator and you see him typing the words that just made you cry, I realized writing had to be part of this lifetime.

What is your favorite music?

When I was a kid, my father gave me a couple of his Billy Joel records. It was my first “grown up” gift from him. I love his music and weave at least one mention of him into every book as a nod to my old man.

Is it true that the number 347 has some special significance?

All lies and false propaganda. 3:47 Ha! It’s just a highly ridiculous time of the morning is all.

What are you working on now?

After trying on my comedic alter ego, Jackson Holiday and writing my second career book, I’ll likely return to proper fiction. Of course, I could pen a 12-part mini-series entitled, Doing Shots: The Untold Story of Lithuanian’s Olympic Shot-Put Trials.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

It drives me crazy when people say, “everything happens for a reason.” That seems so defeatist. More accurate to me is that people assign reasons to all that happens. I can’t blame them though—the first is a great deal more comforting.

What are three random facts about you?
  1. I listen to music (usually one album over and over) BEFORE I write. When writing, I can’t read or listen to anything else. Hence my tendency to seem a bit of an airhead now and then.
  2. I hate whistling. Whistling is the musical equivalent of wearing a toupee. Your song choice, your delivery, your stage presence… it all sucks. Just stop it.
  3. I nearly accepted a position as a Secret Service agent. Bad eyesight and bad jokes closed that door. Still, the two-year interview process was incredible. Those guys and gals are amazing.

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