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Tim Toterhi, CHRO


Tim is the author of four novels and a collection of short stories. He approaches his writing the way he approaches his life…with a playful smile and an eyebrow up.   

Songs to Come

Despite what the Fresh Prince would have us believe, parents understand a few things. One of which is how fleeting and precious quiet moments with are children are. As I dive head first into procrastination this wet winter's morning, I’m reminded of one from last...

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Help Wanted

After spending a highly unsuccessful, ninety-degree afternoon hunting for a part time job, I felt tired, depressed, and somewhat saddened. But then, in the midst of my despair, I glanced upward and noticed a card shop with a “help wanted” sign in the window. Ecstatic,...

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New Novel Released!

I'm happy to announce that my new novel, Life Aches: In and Out of the Fishbowl, is available.  Sometimes it takes a little magic to mend a broken heart. Thomas Fenelli used to be a winner. Then he hit bottom and kept digging. His best friend’s a fish. His brother’s a...

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Have a little fun. Check out my novels.

The Worst Wingman

Never ask your married friends for dating advice. We know nothing. Just because we managed to convince another human to say “I do” does not mean we have any romantic superpowers. We don’t. Seriously…not a one. This is especially true for guys. Despite our euphemistic...


The story begins in the middle like stories should, but not the middle of a car chase or fight scene. This one begins in the middle of a conversation.... a sentence actually. I believe her exact words were, “...he’s just…well, better.” I didn’t get the beginning. I...

Immigration is Climate Change

I’ve always been a peacemaker. A lifetime of personal unease has taught me to value security and appreciate a sense of quiet calm. While I love a robust intellectual debate, I detest bullies, bravado, and the emotional injuries that come from interpersonal conflict....

Bad Advice

A funny thing happens when you become a writer: People ask your advice. While the primary topic is writing and, given my non-fiction endeavors, career management, the topics have a surprising span. Over the years I’ve been asked about love, politics, health, family...

How to Speak Liberal

I’m tired of being lectured by social justice warriors, especially when they employ nonsense words. These crafty, self-righteous hall-monitors consistently repurpose language to fit their agenda and toss blame in your direction. Woke? Give me a break. Keep saying it,...

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