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Tim Toterhi, CHRO


Tim is the author of four novels and a collection of short stories. He approaches his writing the way he approaches his life…with a playful smile and an eyebrow up.   

Just Jarting Around

This is a lawn dart or “Jart”. It was once a popular family pastime. Over the years there have been many responsible Jart owners. But then one day society thought, “Hmm, maybe tossing heavy, pointed, metal objects thirty feet in the air and having them land inches...

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Help Wanted

After spending a highly unsuccessful, ninety-degree afternoon hunting for a part time job, I felt tired, depressed, and somewhat saddened. But then, in the midst of my despair, I glanced upward and noticed a card shop with a “help wanted” sign in the window. Ecstatic,...

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New Novel Released!

I'm happy to announce that my new novel, Life Aches: In and Out of the Fishbowl, is available.  Sometimes it takes a little magic to mend a broken heart. Thomas Fenelli used to be a winner. Then he hit bottom and kept digging. His best friend’s a fish. His brother’s a...

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How to Speak Liberal

I’m tired of being lectured by social justice warriors, especially when they employ nonsense words. These crafty, self-righteous hall-monitors consistently repurpose language to fit their agenda and toss blame in your direction. Woke? Give me a break. Keep saying it,...

Worth the Risk #fastfiction

She spoke cautiously in half starts and elongated Sos, not a good prologue to a “we need to talk,” conversation. Till now our exchanges had been fluid, effortless. Suddenly, it seemed like she was a hedging a bet…one she hadn’t even placed yet. My intuition told me...

Trump is Us All

I’m not worried about Trump. Humans tend to learn from their mistakes and in recent years we’ve made a few when it comes to selecting presidents. In a way we deserve what is happening. The leaders we elect are simply distorted reflections of us and we have work to do....

Finding Your Cool

I can’t stand when someone tries to Jedi mind trick me into thinking that something is not only acceptable but actually preferable by vouching for its relative coolness. Recently, a furniture delivery guy banged around a new dresser in my foyer, simultaneously...

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