Are Mock Interviews Worth the Time?

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Young woman in job interviewI’ve been on both sides of the table and the simple answer is yes.

Many career coaches (myself included) conduct mock interviews with their clients as part of the overall coaching process. Often times we are working to help them showcase a specific skill e.g. executive presence or conceptual flexibility – items that often don’t present themselves easily on the resume.

Most senior level clients can navigate an interview with ease and want more targeted coaching on a specific issue. So instead of practicing “answering tough questions” or role-playing “returning well-formed interviewee questions,” we’ll focus on demonstrating ROI on past projects or exemplifying leadership style and cultural fit. It’s the same thing really, just a higher level of difficulty.

That said interview basics do get covered during these sessions, especially in the case of a senior executive changing organizations or a mid-level professional reentering the workforce after a break.

Even the most seasoned professional needs to practice. If you are working with a career coach, make sure he/she incorporates this valuable tool into the overall plan. Practice may not make perfect, but no practice makes a mess.

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