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Searching for shortcuts on the road to success is tempting, but elevators and escalators are as elusive in the work world as they are in the forest. 

Summiting any career mountain takes time, effort, and determination. That’s a reality you simply can’t shake.

Beware Bad Advice

In an attempt to circumvent the painful path, many career coaches advise their clients to “fake it till they make it” and “act as if” (they run the place). The thought is that you’ll eventually become the persona you falsely embody with practice. 

It seems like an optimistic, forward-thinking personal branding strategy, but most people can see past the posturing. That’s the trouble with pretending – it’s risky. Posers don’t know what they don’t know. Legitimate players do, and they’re happy to blow your cover. 

A Better Path

To avoid a bravado backfire, strive for authenticity and congruency – having little to no gap between who you are when “on stage” and those moments when no one is watching. 

Truthfulness inspires, and people gravitate toward transparency. So save the stress and just be yourself. When you embrace your legitimate stage and age, you can own all the excellence that comes with it. You can also embark on your learning journey without apology. 

The Ultimate End Game

The path to success is replete with pitfalls and littered with obstacles. You’ll need all your stamina to make the journey, so don’t waste any strength on donning a false persona. 

Focus your energy on hard work, consistent learning, and daily reminders to stay both humble and confident. These actions forge authentic leaders and will ensure you never have to fake a minute.

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