Banned Phrase: Synergy Capture

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Business ManIt’s no secret that the corporate landscape is littered with jargon and mild euphemisms designed to ease employees into the “new normal” much like the proverbial frog is placed in the pot before the heat is turned on. Give it to us straight and we’ll jump out before we boil, but the jargon – well that simply sounds like a nice, warm bath.

The trouble is, the scalding happens regardless of the words used and so I declare the phrase Synergy Capture, banned.

Why? Well, because it’s consultant speak, misleading, and often used incorrectly. If the person is actually referring to the merging of two departments or organizations the result of which produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects – fine. Too often however, it is code for outsourcing, layoffs, restructuring, or automation. None of these activities are in themselves bad, but have the courtesy to call a cost saving duck a cost saving duck.

If you fall victim to the corporate pronoun phenomena i.e. “We did this. We did that. They fired me.” Drop me a line. I’m happy to help you regroup. In the meantime, keep an ear out. Sometimes you to survive in the corporate world you need to hear the writing on the wall.

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