The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting

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Most career books take one of two approaches: They provide theoretical frameworks that are difficult to apply or they offer cookie-cutter answers to a series of stock interview questions that, in reality, rarely get asked. The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting provides a flexible, easy-to-follow process for selecting or affirming your career goal, crafting a rock star resume that sets you apart from the competition, and enabling you to confidently navigate the interview and negotiation processes. It also offers the perspective of top-notch career coaches, headhunters, and assessment experts.

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting crosses experience levels, industries, and geographic boundaries. Whether you are an experienced professional seeking the next level, a career changer, or a recent graduate just getting started, it can help you achieve your goals. While this book specifically targets introverts, it also provides tips and techniques for job seekers who view themselves as more extroverted.

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