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Tim Toterhi, CHRO


Tim has over 20 years of management experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He’s been quoted in publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fox Business News, and the HuffPost as well as profiled in the book, Magnificent Leadership.


The story begins in the middle like stories should, but not the middle of a car chase or fight scene. This one begins in the middle of a conversation.... a sentence actually. I believe her exact words were, “...he’s just…well, better.” I didn’t get the beginning. I...

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Worth the Risk #fastfiction

She spoke cautiously in half starts and elongated Sos, not a good prologue to a “we need to talk,” conversation. Till now our exchanges had been fluid, effortless. Suddenly, it seemed like she was a hedging a bet…one she hadn’t even placed yet. My intuition told me...

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Punch Your Weight

She had the look of someone who had been around the block a few times and wouldn’t mind another trip if the right guy came along. For a second Tommy managed to convince himself that he could be the one, but his optimism quickly subsided. Stilettos. Cigarette. A small...

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Stupid on Steroids

You’re a coward. Don’t worry. Most are. I raise my hands and you’ll crap your pants. I’m not judging. Sure, I’ll fight the man. Eat every bit of sweat-covered leather his muted jackhammer jab can offer. Journeymen do that. Taste the hook they haven’t the skill to see...

Johnny’s Girl #fastfiction

The other day a bunch of the guys were at Pete’s place playing poker. It was Thursday. The same Thursday we’ve been having since we started high school last year. Well, that is until Johnny decided to shift the conversation from basketball to babes. Yes, it seemed...

Exhale #fastfiction

For a person whose bones troubled him so, he had an odd affinity for the rain. He equated the building of a storm to the awkward uncertainty of foreplay with a new partner. In either case he felt tense, twisted, almost oafish in movement, as if he were shouting...

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