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Tim Toterhi, CHRO


Tim has over 20 years of management experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He’s been quoted in publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fox Business News, and the HuffPost as well as profiled in the book, Magnificent Leadership.

How to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis

John Mayer may have masterfully set the experience to music, but the Quarter Life Crisis (QLC) is nothing new. It's been around since 25 stopped being an optimistic marker for one's human halftime report. It's easy to know when you're in the midst of one. You're...

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Just Jarting Around

Do you remember the lawn dart or “Jart.” It was once a popular family pastime. Over the years, there have been many responsible Jart owners. But then, one day, society thought, “Hmm, maybe tossing heavy, pointed, metal objects thirty feet in the air and having them...

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New Novel Released!

I'm happy to announce that my new novel, Life Aches: In and Out of the Fishbowl, is available.  Sometimes it takes a little magic to mend a broken heart. Thomas Fenelli used to be a winner. Then he hit bottom and kept digging. His best friend’s a fish. His brother’s a...

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Looking for Career Coaching?

Immigration is Climate Change

I’ve always been a peacemaker. A lifetime of personal unease has taught me to value security and appreciate a sense of quiet calm. While I love a robust intellectual debate, I detest bullies, bravado, and the emotional injuries that come from interpersonal conflict....

How to Talk to Friends About Money

A funny thing happens when you become an author: People ask your advice. While the primary topic is writing and, given my day job, career management, the subjects have a surprising span. Over the years, readers have asked about love, politics, health, family life,...

Trump is Us All

I’m not worried about Trump. Humans tend to learn from their mistakes and in recent years we’ve made a few when it comes to selecting presidents. In a way we deserve what is happening. The leaders we elect are simply distorted reflections of us and we have work to do....

Finding Your Cool

I can’t stand when someone tries to Jedi mind trick me into thinking that something is not only acceptable but actually preferable by vouching for its relative coolness. Recently, a furniture delivery guy banged around a new dresser in my foyer, simultaneously...

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