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Tim Toterhi, CHRO


Tim has over 20 years of management experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He’s been quoted in publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fox Business News, and the HuffPost as well as profiled in the book, Magnificent Leadership.

Bad Advice

A funny thing happens when you become a writer: People ask your advice. While the primary topic is writing and, given my non-fiction endeavors, career management, the topics have a surprising span. Over the years I’ve been asked about love, politics, health, family...

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How to Speak Liberal

I’m tired of being lectured by social justice warriors, especially when they employ nonsense words. These crafty, self-righteous hall-monitors consistently repurpose language to fit their agenda and toss blame in your direction. Woke? Give me a break. Keep saying it,...

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Looking for Career Coaching?

Can One Become Cool?

Last week’s post got me thinking. Despite what teeny bopper movies will have you believe coolness is very Yoda-esk.  When it comes to being cool, you either do or do not. Trying lands you firmly in the NOT category. As with being, so goes everything else. If asked in...

Not Cool

I can’t stand when someone tries to Jedi mind trick me into thinking that something is not only acceptable, but actually preferable, by vouching for its relative coolness. Recently a furniture delivery guy banged a new dresser into my foyer simultaneously scuffing the...

Don’t Fake It

Let’s ban the phrases “fake it till you make it” and “act as if.” Thanks to these optimistically inclined utterances, there is a preponderance of posers infiltrating every conceivable profession. I see nothing wrong a healthy dose of ambition, but if your actual...

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