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Each of us has a unique work/life story filled with pivotal plot points that can either move us forward or derail our progress. The right coach will take time to understand your backstory, identify your setting, and help you draft the way toward a climactic chapter.

Like great stories, great people are in motion. So, where are you in your work/life story?

  • Opening Scene: Searching for a better job, career change or new beginning?
  • Messy Middle: Striving to maintain high performance in the face of conflicting responsibilities?
  • Climactic Chapter: Securing a victory that’s just within your grasp?

Each story has its own set of challenges…struggles that make it worth the read.

Why trust me with your story?

Since graduating Corporate CoachU in 2004, I’ve helped high performers across industries and geographies secure work/life success on their own terms. In addition to being an ICF-certified PPC coach, I also established and managed the global coaching network for a major healthcare organization. Working with both independent coaches and those from leading providers allowed me to see what works.  Here’s how I can fast track your success story.

Career Coaching

(Opening Scene)

If you’re looking to change jobs, switch careers, or even earn a promotion it helps to understand the process behind the process.


My career coaching is infused with the practical consultative insight that can only come from a working CHRO and former head of Global Talent Management. 


The Coach with the inside scoop.

Work/Life Performance Coaching

(Messy Middle)

If you’re looking to raise the bar of performance, productivity, and fulfillment in your professional and personal life it helps to identify what is most important and align your thoughts, words, and actions accordingly.


My work/life performance coaching is infused with real-life experience as a C-Suite executive, husband, and father who still finds time for passion projects. 


The Coach who gets it…really.

Leadership Coaching

(Climatic Chapter)

If you’re looking for or have recently assumed a next level leadership role it helps to have a plan built on action – the positive habits born of intense focus and deliberate practice.


My leadership coaching is infused with the earned understanding of someone who has faced adversity and gone on to live and lead teams in the U.S., Europe, and Asia as profiled in the book Magnificent Leadership.


The Coach whose been there.

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