Don’t Fake It

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Let’s ban the phrases “fake it till you make it” and “act as if.” Thanks to these optimistically inclined utterances, there is a preponderance of posers infiltrating every conceivable profession.

I see nothing wrong a healthy dose of ambition, but if your actual resume consists of flipping a miniature billboard in front of a recently opened Arby’s you should not be appointed Managing Partner of Roark Capital Group simply because you have “good people skills” and incessantly blurt out buzzwords like “synergy” and “transparency.”

While it’s nice to feel you could “have a beer with” a person in power, I’d forgo the alleged social dynamic in favor of someone with actual experience and qualifications.

There’s a big difference between having imposter syndrome and being an imposter. Often the gap between faking it and making it is larger than it initially appears. Self-actualizing is fine – just don’t do it on my dime.

We’ve all had someone drop a turd in our Zen Garden. Laugh it up with these books or give the gift of off-beat humor to that special sarcastic someone.


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