Facing Job Rejection? Here’s What to Ask.

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The only thing worse than being rejected for a job is not knowing why. Unfortunately, companies are rarely forthcoming with their selection rationale. Boilerplate feedback such as, “We were impressed with your skills and experience, but have elected to move forward with other candidates” tells you nothing.

Often the only person you can look to for answers is yourself. To make the most of this internal monologue, consider the following five inquires.

  1. Do I lack a skill vital for success in the role? If yes, draft a plan to obtain it.
  2. Did they miss something? If yes, learn to better showcase your talents.
  3. Do I really want this job? Sometimes people reach for the next rung on the ladder simply because it’s next. Be careful not to succeed in the wrong direction. For example, plenty of new managers miss the hands-on doing part of their profession.
  4. Am I pursing the best career choice? Our hustle culture praises persistence, but passion and competence are rarely doled out in equal measure. Make sure you’re not chasing someone else’s dream or an antiquated goal you need to leave behind.
  5. Did they just dare me to prove them wrong? If you’re still committed work for their competition, start your own company…heck, do both.

Rejection forces us to face the brutal facts. Sometimes this means the limits of our talents. Sometimes it means the way we are perceived by others. And sometimes it means the internal conflicts that can hold us back or launch us in the wrong direction. These career foes come in many forms. The first step to besting them is to call them out. Only then can you take action. 

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