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As a career coach, I get the, “How do I find my passion question?” several times per month. My answer: It isn’t lost.

Most people know exactly what they like and vote for that activity with their discretionary time. We all have a finite number of hours and a host of competing responsibilities. In my case, I’m a business owner, corporate executive, and avid volunteer. Those are three heavy-duty responsibilities that snatch time away from my most important roles of father and husband.

Despite all this my true passion is writing. It drives me to study, to sacrifice sleep, and forgo many ancillary activities. The last computer game I played was on an Atari console. Chances are, I don’t have an app for that. And as far the score of last night’s game…I haven’t a clue.

I do however spend countless hours happily honing my craft: drafting articles to advance my profession, books that support my practice, and even novels ( as a creative outlet. Why go to all the trouble? Well, for me it would be impossible not to. My passion compels me to put pen to paper each day simply for the joy of it.

When people ask, how do I find my passion, I suspect what they are really asking is, “How do I get paid for doing something I love?” That’s a trickier question, but as a career coach I’m more than happy to help you find the answer.

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