Five Must Do New Job Actions

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So you landed your dream job. Now what? 

Whether it’s your first gig out of school or a next level leadership role, completing these five actions within your first 30 days will help ensure your success.

  1. Clarify Priorities: There is often a big difference between what a company says it wants in a job posting and what a specific manager actually needs. To ensure you chase the right rabbits, take time to clarify near and longer-term objectives to confirm you and your manager are on the same page. If you have a team, make sure that understanding is shared by all.
  2. Meet the Players: Before starting projects, take time to listen to key stakeholders including peers, team members, and internal customers to get their view of what’s working and what’s not. In the end you’ll have to make your own assessment, but knowing where people stand will help you avoid cultural landmines.
  3. Pick Your Pace: Every new hire wants to put points on the board ASAP, but there is more to success than quick wins. Assess the situation and tailor your activities to deliver short- or longer-term needs. If the place is on fire or you’re building things from scratch, you’ll need to move fast. If you’ve accepted a role where only subtle (or even no) changes are required, slow your roll, and ensure continued process excellence. Yes you can work a playbook but be sure to run the right play.
  4. Draft a Plan: Project management is a key skill for any profession. It helps you agree on a service level for core activities and a scope and timeline for special projects. Once you understand your portfolio of deliverables, you’ll be better able to draft your plan and align resources to meet the need. This last part is critical. If you’re in charge of staff, take time to assess your talent and ensure you have the right players to get the job done.
  5. Communicate Your Plan: Letting people know what to expect by when puts you in control of both the deliverable and the messaging. Don’t wait to be asked. Make sure your stakeholders are informed and/or consulted often.

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