Flash Forward

If I May

They say every trend comes back in fashion. Perhaps that’s true for personal accountability, community service, and the kind of humility that’s not cloaked in a brag.

As I contemplate the future, I get the sense that we’ll soon grow weary of all the noise. Yes, AI will brow beat us for the better part of this decade and poser pundits will continue to verbally waterboard each other with rants from the left and right as an endless parade of pre-teen influencers endeavor to hashtag their way to immortality.

But I see white space on the horizon. I sense a collective shift from quantity to quality. From talkers to thinkers. From victims to heroes. And from a relentless pursuit of fame to the quiet realization that close friends and family mean much more.  

No time is perfect, and all time is fleeting. With a nod to both Dylan and Hopper, I believe that the times they are a-changing, but not in the way most may predict. My flash forward includes a Flashback. By the time we get out of the 20s the 30s are going to make the 10’s look like the 00’s. For the younger crowd and those with short memories, that means more balance and less noise.

Tim Toterhi is an author, coach, and off-beat CHRO. But mostly he’s a husband, dad, teacher and student. Learn more at www.TimToterhi.com

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas


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