Four Advantages That Set Career Changers Apart

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People often think they have to play catch up when they switch careers. While there will certainly be a fair bit of technical or job-specific learning to do, one shouldn’t discount the value of the skills and experiences they bring to the new profession. Specifically, career switchers have the following advantages over some traditional candidates:

  1. Optimism: When you’re new to something you aren’t jaded by the profession and thus more likely to approach challenges with a “can do” attitude.
  2. Innovation: You’re also not restricted by a “what’s been tried before” mindset. You’re more likely to think of unique ways to resolve challenges.
  3. Transferable Skills:Career changers often dismiss the relevance of learning accumulated in their prior profession. These soft skills are often more valuable than technical knowledge.
  4. Guts: Regardless of your family or financial situation it takes courage to change direction, perspective to select the right road, and tenacity to see it through.

Of course changing professions is never easy, especially if you’re later in career and have built a brand related to a specific endeavor. The risk adverse will always opt for hunkering down and seeing it through. But there’s a price to be paid for “succeeding in the wrong direction.”

Always bet on yourself. Armed with the four factors above, you can be assured the wager is a smart one.

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