How to Avoid Interview Brain Freeze

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The fear of going blank or freezing-up during an interview can be daunting. For many job seekers even a one-on-one informational interview can feel like they’re being scrutinized by a Thriller video-sized cemetery replete with Corporate, brain-munching zombies.

Many candidates opt to hide behind a pile of notes and hope for the best. The truth is… the monsters are all in your head.

Hiring managers are actually rooting for you. Do well and you’ll quash their own fear – that of having the requisition open indefinitely.

A good strategy for ditching your dread is to lose your notes. If you don’t need notes to talk about your favorite sport or hobby, you shouldn’t need them to talk about yourself. Lighten up and have a conversation. Remember, if you miss a detail….they’ll never know. Don’t believe in ghosts. Believe in yourself.

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