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Success…even impending success can sometimes cloud focus. When your hustle starts to pay off and the plates seem to spin automatically, the “what’s next?” question can flood your senses with opportunities, distractions, and imaginary issues.

If you find yourself feeling frantic, get back to basics by setting aside the “to do” list, closing your spreadsheets, and face the finite nature of time. To do this, simply open a calendar app and book family events, workout sessions, and spiritual and/or mental health activities for the entire year. Once locked, build in “must do” business activities – the key items that allow you to maintain your current level of success. 

Committing personal needs and business obligations to “paper” provides a visual of what white space actually remains. Facing this brutal truth will prompt you to take the following actions:

  1. Reevaluate your current time expenditures. Specifically, are you getting an appropriate return (however you define it) for the expense?
  2. Consider whether you are succeeding in the right direction. The playbook that yielded yesterday’s win doesn’t always spell tomorrow’s victory.
  3. Reorganize your “must dos” for the New Year in light of this analysis.
  4. Be ruthless with the remainder. 

Admittedly, the last action is often the most difficult to accomplish. Getting the most from your white space means saying no to more people more often. It’s initially a tough task but one that becomes easier once you realize that saying no is actually the best way to serve the requester.

Agreeing to something that doesn’t serve both parties’ best interests all but guarantees lackluster results. Saying no compels the individual to seek a partner that truly appreciates the activity at hand. It also frees you to say yes to legitimate opportunities that are worthy of the white space in your calendar.

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