How to Save Time During a Job Search

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Orange Save Your Time Button on Computer Keyboard. Business Concept.Hiring cycles can be long, even when you’re the perfect fit. The quicker you can land a new gig, the lower the impact being out of work or underemployed has on your financial well being. When it comes to work, time truly is money. Try these hacks to beat the clock:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Whether you have 200 followers or 2 million, let your network know you’re looking by redrafting your headline and introduction section to target your ideal job. If you balance brevity and specificity you’ll make it easy for employers to see you in their open role.
  2. Cut to the Chase on Compensation: As states make it illegal to ask the “current salary” question, recruiters are shifting into stealth mode get around this by asking for your “target” comp. Before responding, ask for the position’s range and compare this to your ideal. If the delta’s too big, you can ask if they’d be willing to level up the role. Otherwise, don’t waste everyone’s time in hopes that they’ll come around later.
  3. “Know a Guy”…Even If You Don’t: Recruiters get hit with hundreds of resumes and many are clearly off the mark. Try to bypass the slush pile by uncovering who the hiring manager is and then connect with that person. At best you’ll get an interview directly. At worst flagged for consideration when your CV appears in the ATS machine.

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