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What’s your why?

Every story has a genre, a structure that facilitates the plot. And while each is different, they all hinge on a motivation – the desire to be, do, or build something special.

A sound business strategy can define what to do, who is accountable, and when and where to act. Thoughtfully designed processes can frame how to get it done. But shaping the why – that logical and emotionally enticing rationale for selecting and sticking to a specific course of action – is often the toughest question to answer.

So, what’s the genre of your HR story?

  • Grand Quest: Searching for an interim captain to lead your People team?
  • Action Adventure: Steering through the seas of change?
  • Coming of Age: Securing a talent and performance infrastructure worthy of your people?

Each genre is different but knowing the plot patterns can help you navigate a path to success.

Why trust me with your HR Project?

For over 20 years as an CHRO and Global Talent Management Leader, I’ve produced tangible, sustainable results for organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Here’s how I can help your HR team rise to the occasion.

Fractional CHRO

(Grand Quest)

Looking for your first (or next) HR leader? With experience in all HR disciplines, I provide interim and fractional (part-time) CHRO leadership to fill the gap.


I specialize in stabilizing and building effective HR departments that add value, increase efficiency, and mitigate risks.


Whether you are looking to address a challenge, capitalize on a potential opportunity, realign a portion of your organization, or drive a new vision, I can prepare your HR team to fulfill that strategy.

The Consultant who has lived the role.

Change Management

(Action Adventure)

Success requires a compelling vision and mission, backed by values that are aligned to both company priorities and individual goals.


I help leaders connect the broadest of ideals to the most specific of actions, ensuring that the envisioned change is successfully implemented, adopted, and measured.


Whether you are embarking on a full-scale culture change or simply altering a department-level procedure, I can ensure your structure, systems, and processes are aligned for success and that all stakeholders understand and adopt the change.


The Consultant who has made the journey.

Talent & Performance

(Coming of Age)

Performance driven companies not only commit themselves to clarity of goals and consistency of measures, but they also ensure employees understand how their efforts impact company priorities.


I help organizations establish simple, effective performance and talent management processes that enable employees to showcase their best.


Whether you are looking to raise the bar of performance, ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of reviews, or develop a robust talent pipeline, I can leverage leaders at all levels to develop a learning-oriented culture that both enhances retention and maximizes development.


The Consultant who has been there and built it.

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