Just Jarting Around

If I May

This is a lawn dart or “Jart”. It was once a popular family pastime. Over the years there have been many responsible Jart owners. But then one day society thought, “Hmm, maybe tossing heavy, pointed, metal objects thirty feet in the air and having them land inches from school children is a bad idea.”

And so, they embraced common sense and stopped.

Such change is not an anomaly. We’ve come to use seat belts and helmets, stopped having “one for the road”, and concluded that asbestos might not be a miracle material after all.

Considering change is not a sign of weakness. It’s not a mark against one’s patriotism. And while not all proposed changes are correct or appropriate, they should be discussed. Considering change demonstrates thoughtfulness and conceptual flexibility. It often leads to better outcomes.

Then again, we could go back to flinging darts at each other, but I guess that’s what the Internet is for.

Tim Toterhi is an author, career coach, off-beat CHRO. But mostly he’s a husband, dad, teacher and student. Read more at www.TimToterhi.com


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