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A reader recently asked whether she should tell her employer of a competitive offer in hopes that her manager would match or beat it.

You wouldn’t be the first employee to use an offer to prompt your current manager to give you a raise or promotion. It’s a reasonable tactic, but you must be prepared to move if your bluff is called.

Also, it’s important to consider your underlying motivation. Job-hunting is no easy task, even when you are gainfully employed. If you’ve already made the mental shift to start a search, you might already have one foot out the door. It’s important to reflect on what made you look in the first place – was it only money – and whether a monetary or title adjustment would fulfill those needs.

You should also conduct an honest assessment as to your current performance and contribution level. You may think you’re of rock star, but if your boss thinks you’re a B-player, he/she may just happily donate you back to the industry.

As for the other side of the conversation, it’s pretty clear. As I hiring manager if I get the sense that someone is coin operated – motivated primarily by money – I know that giving a raise will only delay the inevitable. 

Remember when you use leverage, something is going to move. 

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