Should You Outsource Your Social Feed?

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Whether you are looking to build a business, land a new job, or rise through the ranks at your current company, having a clear personal brand (what you are known for) can differentiate you from the crowd.

Thoughtful contribution to social media sites can help promote that brand. Just remember, most people can see through an overly scripted or even worse, delegated social presence so it’s important to be yourself online. That means writing your own posts.

It might be tempting to litter the digital landscape with tired quotes and countless “likes” and “shares” of watered down content passed along from another someone trying to make a name by regurgitating mindless slogans that have long lost their meaning. Just remember fast and shotty is no way to get things done. If it seems too easy, it likely is.

Don’t take the thought out of thought leadership. Speak your own mind and think before you do so. Oh and when doing anything on line remember the grandma rule. If you wouldn’t share it with your grandma, don’t share it with the world.

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