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What’s your Story?

If you’ve ever been asked that question, you know it’s a tough one to answer. The world wants to package us up into neat little brands…to make you the [fill-in-the-blank] guy or gal. But the truth is our stories are plentiful, complex, and ever evolving.


Personal and professional experience shape our stories. I leverage mine to:

  • Enhance Culture – Help business and HR leaders transform company culture
  • Optimize Performance – Help leaders at all levels raise the bar
  • Overcome Adversity – Help individuals excel despite challenges

Why trust me with your group?

I’m a versatile presenter who can deep dive on content or offer strategic insights for general audiences. I bring the ideal blend of research, experience, and crowd-pleasing humor to my speaking and training engagements. No matter the setting, I act as a catalyst for change, leaving participants inspired and armed with practical tools to move their performance to the next level.

Popular topics include:

Enhancing Culture

On a Dime:
How to Quickly Transform Your Company Culture

Every company wants a winning culture – one that sparks engagement, increases retention, and drives high performance. But generic brands don’t have fans. Earning an audience requires simplicity of message, consistency of action, and the courage to adjust as your story evolves.  


Whether you’re moving from good to great, starting from scratch, or embarking on a total culture turnaround, this nimble, no-nonsense approach will help organizations of any size simplify their storyline while enhancing their employee’s effectiveness and engagement. 

Optimizing Performance

Organically Awesome: 
How to Enable an Uncommon Standard of Performance

Talent can be discovered, acquired, and even nurtured to a degree, but on the whole, it is a gift. Skill on the other hand can be developed, harnessed, and filtered through an organization.


Organically Awesome offers a compelling example of how people are naturally wired to pursue and emulate greatness. It provides a process for uncovering your best and scaling that position-specific excellence.


By aligning this expectation to your selection, assessment, development, coaching and performance processes, you’ll create a culture of accountability that prompts employees to redefine excellence in their roles.    

Overcoming Adversity

Power Through: 
How to Leverage Perspective, Persistence, and Creativity

Every story has a setting – a time, place, and series of circumstances that seem to define us. But they don’t. A setting is merely a starting point. It can influence who we are, where we’ll go, and what we’ll become, but there is no destiny. We each write our own stories.


Power Through shares a story of and process for overcoming personal and professional adversity. By learning to systematically leverage the forces of perspective, persistence and creativity, participants will be able to confidently embark on their next chapter, securing success as they define it. 


And if you’re looking for something
to fire up your HR organization
let’s discuss this popular offering.

Nimble HR

How to Attract, Develop, and Retain Awesome Employees in a Crazy-quick, Complex World

HR isn’t just HR anymore. It’s also marketing, communications, and digital strategy with elements of IT, Legal, Finance and Big Data-management sprinkled in. So how can you give humans the lion’s share of your resources when the department’s to-do list reads like a copy of War and Peace?

Whether you’re moving from good to great, starting from scratch, or embarking on a total Talent Management Strategy turnaround, this nimble, no-nonsense approach will help organizations of any size enhance their employee’s effectiveness and engagement.

To preview my style, see samples below:

I Am Diversity: 

Great Coaching: 
You’ll Know it When You S.E.E. it

All programs are tailored to the needs for the audience. Fully customized offerings and train-the trainer sessions are available upon request.

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