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Every story has a setting – and granted, some are more comfortable than others. Still having perspective, being able to see beyond your initial circumstance will serve you well throughout your career…and your life.

In my case, the skill helped me see beyond the “trouble-makers” in the old neighborhood and further than the poor choices that led some of my contemporaries astray. Later on, it allowed me to see through those who would try and take advantage or steer me toward the wrong direction as I embarked on my professional career. Finally, having a wider vision allowed me to recognize opportunities that others would write-off as impossible.

Of course, perspective is not easily acquired. While some might have a natural disposition toward delayed gratification and the long-term view, often such insight only comes from surrounding yourself with people who can offer more than a “that’s just the way it is” mentality. It takes courage to walk the road less traveled, but the benefits are undeniable in both the personal and professional arenas.

Yes, many skills are required for and vital to success, but it all starts with being able to see beyond today’s challenges and envision something bigger and better for yourself than anyone could possibly imagine. Of course, step two is working your butt off, but that’s easier when you know you’re running in the right direction.

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