The Three Cs of Leadership

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Superhero business man flying with jet pack rocket above the city conceptTo say that competencies models are complex is like saying space is big. The statement is accurate, but not helpful. Of course, the time required to understand the complexities of either topic is more than the average hiring manager can invest.

If you need to search the vast reaches of the candidate universe for someone with leadership potential, you’ll likely need some sort of hyper-drive shorthand. If you’re facing a time crunch, ditch the “nice-to-have” competencies and look for the three C’s of leadership: Communication, Coaching, and Courage.

  1. Leaders at all levels must be able to articulate the organization’s vision, mission, values, strategy, and goals both verbally and in writing. Communicating both strategic concepts and tactical goals is a tall order, but vital for success.
  2. They must also act as talent developers. Management is a privilege and one must actively earn that honor by helping employees achieve their best. That comes from focused feedback and consistently coaching others.
  3. Finally, they must have the courage to make the tough decisions, push back on colleagues, and offer up innovation. Healthy friction and purposeful collaboration help make everyone better.

In truth, when it comes to hiring, there’s no instantaneous, transporter-powered decision process. Selection take time. However, when you narrow your focus to the essentials your recruiting efforts can approach warp speed.

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