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Female Guitarist Recording Musical Video Blog. Caucasian Cute Woman Relaxing and Playing Guitar Filming Process on Camera at Home. Attractive Girl Player Broadcast Concert RehearsalIn an influencer-focused world it’s easy to overestimate the value of the average person’s on-line image. Sure, some people make money by meticulously crafting a perfect persona, but as the joke goes, were Instagram to suddenly disappear…poof…those Insta models would instantly become just another pretty person.

While it might be tempting for even seasoned business people to engage in inauthentic on-line antics such as blanketing the web with trite motivational quotes and obvious humble brags, substance always trumps style. This of course doesn’t mean you can ignore the digital landscape. Professionals, job seekers in particular, should ensure the basics of their on-line selves are sound. In other words, be sure your accounts are current, correct, and aligned to the tone of the medium i.e. professional on LinkedIn and more personal on Facebook.

Once you have that sorted, stop hyper-focusing on your image. Yes, having an antiquated social feed filled with college-aged drinking pictures will likely give hiring managers pause, but the truth is most people don’t care about your online predilections. Whether you enjoy cooking, cat videos, or caring for the homeless, your personal life is yours. Hiring managers simply do not have the time to do a CSI-like deep dive on your love of all things Country music. As long as your posts are respectful in tone and you avoid engaging in one-sided rants, you should be fine.

Finally, the best way to become known for quality work is by actually doing quality work…every, single day. Consistency is the ultimate image builder. Once you decide what you want to be known for, do that thing to the best of your ability. Results will follow.

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