Top 3 Soft Skills for High Tech Workers

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Being a top-notch player in the technology space requires more than a legit skill set. If you want to advance in your career you’ll have to tackle some of the softer “people” oriented skills. Fear not, there’s no need to don a plethora of political flare and run for mayor of the office. That said, getting familiar with the following three skill sets can help advance your career.

  1. Communication: As a subject matter expert, it’s reasonable to expect that your customers won’t have the same level of knowledge you do. Being able to clearly articulate the actions needed to solve a problem, ideally in a step-by-step format, can go a long way toward ensuring you provide quality service.
  2. Coaching: No one likes to feel dumb. Many people avoid technology because it seems complicated and scary. Being able to teach people as you solve their issue provides a dual benefit. They get their problem fixed while acquiring the skills to handle a repeat occurrence. And you limit the amount of duplicative service calls.
  3. Impact and Influence: At higher levels within IT you’ll need the strategic thinking ability to frame a proper business case for your project and the executive presence to convince others to support your cause.

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