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Success demands movement. Even movement in the wrong direction can provide valuable lessons…an opportunity to refine your approach and course correct. Inertia is a death rattle. Nothing kills dreams faster than a stagnant stance.

If you want more out of a hobby, work, relationships…anything really, you must apply energy. Life is about experience, experimentation, and expression. If there is something you want to do or say, don’t wait. Make it happen. This does not mean being bold for boldness sake nor does it mean adopting a reckless, self-involved lifestyle. Stop waiting allows you to start becoming…becoming who you were always meant to be.

That’s what’s meant by grace. When they say someone is graceful, they are speaking of effortlessness. Imagine moving through the world effortlessly, without pause, self-doubt, or the nagging second guessing that comes from constantly looking over your shoulder.

Don’t. Look and move forward. The “who you are” and the “who you’ll be” is so much greater than the part other people want you to play.

Want to jump start the next level you? Follow these six tips:

  1. Own the Goal: Before you begin make sure it’s still your goal…something you truly want to chase as opposed to a residual expectation from someone else.
  2. See the Vision: Illustrate the end result of achieving the goal. Write down the benefits it will bring you and others. Chances are your improvement will impact others in a positive way.
  3. Create Space for Progress: Eliminate activities that compete with or distract you from the goal. You may have to reevaluate your involvement with people who offer only negative commentary.
  4. Take Small Consistent Steps: Quick wins are motivating and they create positive habits that build momentum, propelling you towards your objective.
  5. Celebrate Wins: Take time to acknowledge the little victories, but be sure to set the next action. When the actual goal is complete, reward yourself.
  6. Mind Your Flight Controls: Things change on the way to a goal. Make sure storms don’t throw you off course. Revisit step one along the way to ensure you’re still headed in the right direction.

Stop waiting is a great life lesson for people of any age, but most of us learn it latter than we’d like. So here’s a final tip. Got kids? Teach them this one early.

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